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You want to see hard-working team players performing from day one. Our high placement rate is a reflection of the high quality of the people we hire and train, as well as the mutual trust that exists between JENNMAR Services and our clients. Few other organizations may boast the synergistic partnerships we have established with dozens of companies in multiple sectors of industry. That’s no accident. Companies who work with us know that we only recruit skilled, drug-free (we have a Zero Tolerance drug-free workplace policy), and hardworking individuals.





Are you finding it difficult to land a superstar employee? Simply tell us what the position entails, what type of employee you’re looking for, how many daily or weekly hours you’ll require, and we’ll be happy to handle your requests with ease. Contact us now to start hiring the right people for your needs.


We’ll help you find qualified specialists in your desired industry to carry out all of your company’s needs. Simply give us a list of qualifications and skills important to you, list the hours you’ll need, and the going rate of this position’s salary and we’ll take care of the rest. We work hard so that you won’t have to.

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