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Whether you include JENNMAR Services in your original planning or turn to us when there are unexpected manpower shortages or equipment failures, our workforce and heavy-duty fleet can help keep your commercial or residential construction project on schedule and within budget. No job is too big or too small for us.


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Demolish obstacles standing in the way of construction.


JENNMAR Services executes safe and efficient tear down of existing structures and removal and disposal of materials and debris, strictly adhering to all DEP, DOT, and OSHA regulations. Our bonded and insured demolition specialists also offer on-site supervision to ensure stewardship of sites and surrounding areas.

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Photo of an Oil and Gas Demolition


Earn a seal of approval with our HDPE pipe installations.

JENNMAR Services professional installers protect your site’s local groundwater and surrounding areas with our high-quality materials and installation expertise.

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HDPE Installation Photo

Fortify critical site areas with our durable fencing.

JENNMAR Services has installed miles of fencing throughout the multi-state Marcellus and Utica regions. We install chain-link, electrified, non-conductive, silt, and vinyl temporary or security fencing to protect the following areas:

• Compressor stations
• Main load valves (MLV)
• Right-of-way/easements
• Meter and regulation stations
• Substations
• Tie-ins
• ​Well pads

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Photo displaying a Fortified critical site area with our durable fencing.


Don't let the cold keep you out - stay on the job

every season year-round.

The commercial snow management services we provide include snow removal, snow plowing, and even emergency snow removal to provide your employees, your clients, and other visitors with a clear and accessible property throughout the entire winter season.

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Photo of a snowplow getting ready for a snowy season.


Look to us for the reliability you need to keep right-of-ways maintained and visible.

We specialize in right-of-way mowing for pipelines, stations, and utility lines JENNMAR Services operators are experienced in maintaining and mowing rights-of-way safely and effectively. We have the ability to develop a monthly or seasonal mowing schedule to fit your company’s needs.

List of ROW equipment used:

• John Deere 5100E
• John Deere 6120M
• Ventrac 4500Y Tractor with mowers​ 

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Photo a few John Deere Row Mowing Tractors


Silt fence, filter sock, straw blanket.

JENNMAR Services offers comprehensive environmental assistance services. Every site presents unique and unexpected challenges – sometimes on a daily basis and our professional teams stand ready to work and help deliver positive results:

Silt Sock Installation: compost filter sock and compost silt sock. Installation services include truck and track-mounted equipment for all-terrain conditions

Silt Fence Installation and Removal

Reclamation:  We work with producers and site planners for all segments of reclamation. Well pads, road areas, and pipeline right-of-ways are re-worked to ensure the original landscape and contour of the land.

Our experienced team meets all training and safety requirements to complete each project effectively and on time.

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Photo of a Silt Sock installed to prevent and control erosion


JENNMAR Services provides reliable transportation and site development services for oil and gas companies and commercial and residential contractors. Our Hot Shot Trucking service is available 24/7 for qualified customers who need transportation of expedited loads, and it’s the region’s go-to source for trucks, heavy equipment, and professionally licensed drivers and heavy equipment operators.

Graphic of a Hot Shot Truck with 24/7 Services

Regular business hours: 724-356-2869

After-hours and 24/7 Hot Shot Trucking: 724-531-3065

Business hours: Monday–Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. ET

Mailing Address: 160 Technology Drive, Canonsburg, PA 15317
Office Address: 416 Avella Road, ​Avella PA 15312

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